Management Buyout and Buyin

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Management Buyouts

If you’re considering a management buyout, then you’ll probably face dual negotiations with both the funder and the seller (who could be your boss or colleague). With two sets of different objectives to satisfy, these negotiations will need a careful mix of sensitivity and straight talking to achieve the best outcome. That’s where we come in.

How We’ll Help

As an advisor with a wealth of expertise in this area, we’ll asses the buyout’s plausibility, explore funding options and negotiate terms, all on your behalf. Better still, we’ll do it with all the clarity and honesty we’re already known for. Input like this doesn’t just earn you vital credibility from the seller: it leads to a smoother process, a more profitable deal and a better chance of long-term success.

Management Buyins

​A buyin (where individuals acquiring a business do not work in the target) has the additional complexity of not knowing the business (and so they are harder to fund) and having to get to know the secondary management team, the support of which will be critical to your success.

How We’ll Help

If you are interested in a management buyin we will work with you to understand which sectors and locations work best for you.  With our knowledge of funders we can help you achieve the funding you require.  And with our expertise in this area we can ensure the process is as smooth as possible.



Frazer Hall assisted in a management buy-in at Leeds-based furniture manufacturer Craftwork.

“Frazer Hall worked extremely closely with me to anticipate and deal with the whole process to completion. They were extremely professional and supportive throughout – I cannot recommend them highly enough.” Marcie Incarico, Out There Events Ltd