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Employee Ownership Trusts or EOT’s are best illustrated by John Lewis – all of the staff are beneficiaries of a trust that owns the company.

Some reasons why a seller might consider an EOT are:

  • It can be a seamless way to sell the business which is well received by staff, customers and other stakeholders, while leaving the outgoing owner in a senior operational role, remunerated as an employee at a market rate.
  • Under the right circumstances there will be no capital gains tax to pay.
  • Evidence seems to suggest that EOT ownership can drive very positive behaviour from employees who can also benefit from tax breaks and a feeling of ownership.


Davison Fencing

Frazer Hall successfully provided commercial advice on the move to employee ownership by Yorkshire based fencing supplier.

“Steve is knowledgeable, professional and incredibly well informed … and will use him for my next acquisition in the future. “ Haydn Davies, HDI Ltd