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Private equity represents a very significant element of UK mergers and acquisitions activity.  Most investee companies are acquisitive and PE can offer business owners a ‘half-way house’ – sell a proportion of your shares now (so that you have banked some personal wealth), then work with the new PE co-owner to grow the business and sell your remaining shares at a higher value in the future. 

Raising private equity is a rigorous process and needs careful planning to find the right partner, investing on the right terms; private equity investors are very choosy, but in the right circumstances, can generate significant wealth for owners who want to fully exit in several years’ time.   We have built up relationships with a broad range of private equity partners and can introduce them to your company.  We also work closely with other funders, which enables us to support clients, whatever their capital requirements are.


We have a range of documents available to help you in our Resources section, which we will be happy to go through with you – Business Funders




Frazer Hall is delighted to have provided assistance and strategic advice to Bridge Diagnostics Inc. in connection with its recent investment from Carmelina Capital Partners.

“The fact that Frazer Hall brought such a personalised service to our exit strategy was the defining element of the service provision.  We were made to feel special and like we were the only clients – that makes a massive difference.” John Leach, Winning Pitch Limited