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Stephen has worked in the corporate finance business for over 20 years and has built up a wide and diverse network of contacts, alongside an in-depth understanding of how to achieve the best deal for a client. The Frazer Hall team will always push for the best deal in the interests of the client and are also not afraid to advise clients to turn down an offer when it’s not right for them.

We offer a dedicated, high level of tailored support and personal contact between our client and the buyer, or investor.  The team is available at all times, and offers an outstanding, personalised service to clients.

These three quotes from clients best embody our philosophy:

Karen Bennett, Affinity Homecare Shrewsbury Limited:

“Thank you Steve, for the way in which you handled this sale (and me). You have been such an amazing support. The behind the scenes work you did for this sale made it all seem incredibly easy. You are worth every single penny!”

Dave McCabe, Total Containment Solutions Limited:

“Frazer Hall Corporate Finance were fantastic to work with. They always fought for the best deal for us, they looked after our interests and worked incredibly hard to make the sale happen. I highly recommend them.”

John Leach, Winning Pitch Limited:

“The fact that Frazer Hall brought such a personalised service to our exit strategy was the defining element of the service provision. We were made to feel special and like we were the only clients – that makes a massive difference.”


We’ve worked for a wide range of clients covering many sectors, and it means no two projects have been the same.

It also means we’ve clocked up a solid track record of of completing successful transactions that have delivered outstanding value for business owners like you.