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Acquiring another business is a great way to build on the value and potential of your business, but it is not without risk.  All too often, acquirers either over-pay, carry out too little due diligence, or underestimate the impact of the outgoing seller.

We have three golden rules:

  • Identify the risk around dependence on key people (usually the owners) and customers; work a realistic plan to manage this.
  • Be clear about the incremental value that the acquisition will bring you and define a worst case pay-back on the investment.
  • Carefully manage the integration of the acquired business post-deal – this is the single largest factor to define success and failure in acquisitions.

How We’ll Help

With our extensive databases and sector expertise we can help you identify the best targets and approach them discretely. We will guide you through the acquisition process using our tailored approach to provide as much or as little input and support as you need.  From attending key meetings through to concluding final negotiations on the deal structure, we’ll be there to support and advise you.



A specialist monitoring company has been bought by engineering giant DYWIDAG-Systems International (DSI).

“Whether buying, selling a business, or considering either of those possibilities Steve and his team would be the first people I would turn to.” Bob Bond – CEO at Pathway Software