"We are fortunate having selected Frazer Hall to root out prospective buyers and work tirelessly … to ensure we got the best possible deal"

Peter Stephens, Managing Director | Speediserve


Our range of corporate finance services extend across a wide range of business needs. The life-cycle of many businesses can evolve over the course of decades, with key milestones along the way. Whether you’re setting up a company, considering a buyout, planning to sell or looking into funding acquisition opportunities, we’ve got the expertise and network of contacts to help.

Business Sales and Exit Planning

Our experience shows that business owners often retire for personal reasons, whether that’s family, health or simply to wind down.

At the same time, there are owners who spot an opportunity to sell created by favourable market conditions.

Either way, our mission is always to maximize the value of your business while expertly brokering the deal, leaving you properly protected and financially secure.

Acquisitions and Management Buyouts

Corporate acquisitions – or ‘buy and build’ strategies – can be a great way to grow value in a business, but not without risk. 

All too often, people either over-pay, carry out too little due diligence, or underestimate the impact of the outgoing seller. 

If it’s a management buyout you’re considering, then you’ll probably face dual negotiations with both the funder and the seller (who could be your boss or colleague).

Raising Finance and Cashouts

Finance comes in different forms according to a client’s appetite for risk and return. Our job is to match the finance to the client perfectly. 

Since the recession of the late 1990s, new routes of funding have emerged, and with those routes come exciting new opportunities. 

Today, the key question revolves around availability and price, and that’s something that varies from company to company.


We work with companies seeking to design and implement plans for the following events:

  • Organic growth
  • Acquisitions
  • Financing their business
  • Preparing to sell

Selling A Business

Business Sales
and Exit Planning

Selling to retire or selling to move on to new projects?
We can help.

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Buying a Business

Buy-and-Build Strategies
or Management Buy-Outs

Tailored approach to understanding the sector and identifying targets with a realistic acquisition strategy.

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