Advising BTC Global Sale to Snap-on Inc.

Frazer Hall has advised on the sale of BTC Global to Snap-On Inc. Snap-On is an American company which manufactures and markets hand tools, power tools, and other products and they acquired BTC Global Ltd which is based in Stoke-on-Trent and produces software for the automotive industry.

When Snap-On started it manufactured and marketed ten sockets that would ‘snap on’ to five interchangeable handles. This revolutionised the tool industry back in the 1920’s. For most of its time Snap-On was a tool company selling to vehicle repair technicians. These days they reach beyond the vehicle repair industry. Snap-On is a £3.4 billion company which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. It is headquartered in Wisconsin and trades around the world.

BTC Global is a UK company based in Crewe. They design and implement automotive vehicle inspection and management software for franchise repair shops. Their software includes autoVHC and enquiryMAX. AutoVHC is an electronic vehicle health check system and EnquiryMAX is an automotive sales lead management system helping to improve customer sales.

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