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Valuations are usually required when there is conflicting interest between two or more parties.  They can be subjective and partisan yielding no value to the negotiation process.  So you need a valuation that says what the market thinks rather than what one party would like to hear. We have expertise in walking this fine line.

Our finger on the pulse in the mergers and acquisitions market allows us to apply real case studies to any business valuation – so our valuations are not just academic papers.

Consequently, we are regularly asked to provide expert opinions on the valuation of businesses.


We have a range of documents available to help you prepare your business for sale in our Resources section, which we will be happy to go through with you – Business Valuation



GA Valves 

GA valves required an impartial valuation, that could be relied upon by two parties with differing objectives. 

“Stephen Frazer talked openly about the need to walk a straight line, he was strong and completely impartial.” Bob Mills, Managing Director, GA Valves Ltd