"Steve is knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly well informed... and will use him for my next acquisition in the future"

- Hadyn Davies, HDI Ltd

Corporate Acquisitions

Corporate acquisitions, or ‘buy and build’ strategies, can be a great way to enhance the value of your business, but they are not without risk. All too often, acquirers either over-pay, carry out too little due diligence, or underestimate the impact of the outgoing seller. Getting these things right – and buying at the best price – will help you complete successful earnings-enhancing acquisitions that will increase the value of your business as much and as quickly as possible. We’re the people who’ll make it all happen.

How We’ll Help

We’ll start by helping you identify the best targets and then approach them on your behalf with a well considered corporate acquisition rationale. Next, we’ll guide you through the corporate acquisition process, using our tailored approach to provide as much or as little input and support as you need. From attending key meetings right through to concluding final negotiations on the deal structure, we’ll be there to support and advise you.


Management Buyouts

If you’re considering a management buyout, then you’ll probably face dual negotiations with both the funder and the seller (who could be your boss or colleague). With two sets of different objectives to satisfy, these negotiations will need a careful mix of sensitivity and straight talking to achieve the best outcome. That’s where we come in.

How We’ll Help

As an advisor with a wealth of expertise in this area, we’ll asses the buyout’s plausibility, explore funding options and negotiate terms, all on your behalf. Better still, we’ll do it with all the clarity and honesty we’re already known for. Input like this doesn’t just earn you vital credibility from the seller: it leads to a smoother process, a more profitable deal and a better chance of long-term success.

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