Information and resources relevant to those who may be considering buying or selling a business, or planning significant change for your company.

Business Valuation – How to value a business

There are many reasons a business owner may want to value a business. It could be simply to understand the worth of the business or to set a base line value for the business to develop future strategies. They may be considering splitting the business between one or more partners or need to settle a shareholder or partnership dispute. They may require a valuation to obtain bank financing or for exit strategy planning. Or you may need to agree a value to negotiate a sale.

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Business Acquisition – Your Helpful Guide

Buying a business or acquiring a company is commonly referred to as Business Acquisition. Some might call it Mergers and Acquisitions (abbreviated to M&A). Business acquisition can be described as the process of acquiring a company to benefit the purchasing company (or individual or group). A merger is when both companies join to create one stronger or more profitable business.

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